Before You Hire Your Next Digital Agency.

Before You Hire Your Next Digital Agency.

Before You Hire Your Next Digital Agency.

As the impact of a digital presence has become more important for businesses, there are many viable options when it comes to finding a digital agency to partner with. As with most types of businesses, the level and type of services that are offered can vary greatly from agency to agency. A lot of time and planning can go into getting approval, from stakeholders to budgeting for a new project can be a deciding factor, so it is vital that you choose the right digital agency partner by asking the right questions from the start to ensure success. Here are 5 questions to ask for your next digital agency:

1. What are the experience and qualifications of the people within the organization?
This may seem obvious, but digital marketing is a fast-growing industry and it seems like almost everyone “does” digital marketing nowadays. Make sure you get a good understanding of who will be working on your project and what experience they bring to the table. A large, customized enterprise-level project is a very involved process and can be difficult to navigate from start-to-finish. It is important that everyone involved from project managers to developers have the necessary experience to ensure that projects stay on budget and meet expectations.

2. How will the project be billed?
There are many different ways that digital agencies and marketing companies can bill for their work. Some methods protect the client from going over budget more than others and it is important to know the potential implications for your company if the project takes longer than estimated. At Mediarede, we provide detailed estimates for each project, based on hours, that are agreed upon with an acceptable variance prior to the start of a project.

3. What is the level of innovation of the agency’s portfolio?
There are numerous millions of websites that exist in today’s digital space. Among all of this clutter, does the agency’s work stand out as something more than just a typical website? A leading digital agency should be innovative and create their own trends and designs that work to make their clients stand out leading to clients success. If the agency’s portfolio follows the same trends across each project and doesn’t stand out, then that is most likely the type of work you should expect to receive for your project.

4. How can success of the project be determined?
A great digital agency understands that a digital platform project is more than just making something that looks great online. With the Internet playing such a dominant and vital role in today’s business world, A digital platform must focus and deliver on certain specific business goals in order to be considered successful. During the initial stages of the project, make sure the agency has a plan that includes the specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that apply to your business. If the goal of the project is to increase online lead generation by 50%, make sure the agency is accountable on delivering those results to determine success.

5. Is the digital agency truly full-service?
Digital marketing services can include long-term projects like the creation of a digital platform as well as short-term targeted marketing campaigns and content creation. Some digital marketing agencies only offer web design. Others only offer traffic acquisition campaigns or digital content. When you are searching for your next digital agency you should look for a full-service digital marketing agency that is experienced in all three. Teams at a great digital agency will immerse themselves in a client’s business during a website development project and then will leverage that expertise to run effective ongoing digital marketing campaigns and digital content after the new website launches, such an agency can effectively carry your marketing without experiencing any potential issues.

Selecting the right partner can be invaluable when it comes to reaching your business’s goals.

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