The Club Munnar

The perfect choice to avail when visiting Munnar. It offers star facilities, all the comfort and luxury you need to make your trip worth while and memorable.

Mediarede started the project with a thorough discovery phase to determine the necessary goals of the project, its target audience, and most importantly how the message could be conveyed. Our team’s agile approach allowed for ample testing, and adjusting as needed throughout the design and implementation process.



How to convey the site across to potential customers. We reimaged the site into a new responsive website to reflect the impeccable hospitality Club Munnar provides to all its customers. We designed a crisp, elegant interface which primary focus on the aesthetic beauty of munnar, potrayed through striking, colorful images. The site color code follows the logo to give its distinctive motif. We have attempted to give clients a peak into the calm ambience of stunning hill station Munnar.



The Club Munnar has something to convey and we aimed to provide that experience in an intuitive way. The homepage gives brief introduction about The Club Munnar as well as a glance at the services provided. We also created an easily navigable menu which lets one utilize the entire site based on their need. Furthermore, we have added a nearby location list – which encourages more clicks and would urge more exploration beyond just lingering on one article. We hope the new Club Munnar website helps tourists to easily locate, explore and avail all the facilities available at the Club Munnar.

The perfect host for your perfect trip to Munnar, take a look at the site :- Link