Felican – Veterinary Hospital


Felican pet hospital stands out from the rest, for its uniqueness of love towards animals and their well-being, making it a perfect place for any pets. Dr Sunil Kumar, Chief Medical Practitioner of Felican was keen enough to make its online assets to be tuned to attract the enquirers who are pet lovers to feel like they are in an animal friendly platform. 

Mediarede started the project with a thorough discovery phase to determine the goals of the project, the target audience, and the message that needed to be conveyed. Our team’s agile approach allowed for testing, learning, and adjusting as needed throughout the design iteration process.


How to convey the site across to potential customers? We reimagined the new responsive website to reflect the care and hospitality felican provides to all its customers. We designed a crisp, elegant interface with lots of white space, putting the focus on striking, colorful images, subtly clever animations and streamlined style. The site focus’s on the color code as per the logo to give its distinctive color motif. We brought out the uniqueness of the hospital thereby focusing on there moto “we’re here to take care of your pet”.


If you have a pet who is in need of medical care, take a peak at felican :- Link


Felican hospital has a deep trove of content, so we aimed to organize the user experience in an intuitive way. The homepage gives brief intro about felican and provides quick access to the  services. We also created an easily navigable menu which lets one utilize the entire site based on their need. Furthermore, everything is interconnected by cross links — which encourages more clicks and lingering beyond just one article. We hope the new felican website helps pet owners to easily locate and avail all the facilities available at felican.