Heyyo –  Interactive digital agency.


Heyyo is a interactive digital agency, who learn, invent, tinker to Innovate, experiment with new possibilities. They beleive in creating ideas and campaigns that will interact with your target audience. They are a group of young thinkers and makers who develop insightful strategies rooted in consumer behaviour, and the digital space. “Heyyo is derived from the word aeiou. aeiou, apart from being the very important vowels of the global business language, is an uncommon way of saying Hello.

Mediarede started the project with a thorough discovery phase to determine the goals of the project, the target audience, and the message that needed to be conveyed. Our team’s agile approach allowed for ample testing, learning, and adjusting as needed throughout the design iteration process.


How to convey the site across to potential customers? We created a brand new design layout completely responsive across every device. The design is largely divided into sections that decrepit the message of Heyyo both visually and verbally. The design is crisp colorful and unique to the site as the client had a unique point of view to put across to all its customers. The site focus’s on the color code based on different sections being assigned a unique color. We brought out the uniqueness of the client.

If you  have any digital agenecy requirement drop by there site and have a look  :- Link


Heyyo has smart content that aptly portrays their concept without diving into the deep end of vocabulary pool. So we aimed to organize the user experience in an intuitive way. The site follows a one page template where a quaint menu bar and client logo follows every section. The entire page is divided into five sections symbolizing H E Y Y O. We hope this new website helps potential customers navigate through to heyyo and indulge in there unique perspective and take on interactive digital media.