The Standard Events is a event organizing company that is run by a group of creative & enthusiastic individuals who have vast experience in organizing unique and quality conferences, exhibitions, event management & training focusing on Offshore, Pharma, IT, Marine and Telecom Industry. The Standard Events Team has a collective experience close to 20 years of organizing & managing various events across South East Asia, Middle East, India & Europe. Their  vision is to deliver quality events & focus on knowledge sharing to all customers for a better transformation in the business. They focus on knowledge sharing , customer values & needs, uniqueness, innovation, quality, creativity & trust.

Mediarede was asked to design a site which would convey the client most accurately to its vast majority of potential customers, we started with a thorough discovery phase to determine the goals of the project, the potential target audience, and the message that needed to be conveyed. We imagined the new responsive website to reflect the quality and diversity that Standard events provided for all its customers. We designed a sharp, refined interface with lots of white space, putting the message across through colourful images, very subte animations and streamlined style. The site color motif was based on the logo giving it a distinctive shades of blue and green. Our team’s agile approach allowed for testing, learning, and adjusting as needed throughout the design iteration process.

Our Challenge

The client is an event management organization so the site needed to portray this feature, thus the entire site was build around the sole purpose of distinguishing this trait to every potential prospects that might visit there site for any event related requirement. The homepage page is simple with a slider of minimal animation it visually and textually signifies the importance of the client. The page also briefly describes the services that they provide as well as what sectors they are prominently present it and a list of events they undertook. All of this gives the site the uniqueness that the client promises through their creative event management solutions.

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