Constructing is a ever evolving process that requires constant updates, without construction the development of infrastructure would come to a halt. WATHIRA

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W.L.L are Leading Provider of Quality Construction and Engineering Services in the State of Qatar. They provide effective and efficient solutions in construction and engineering sector in the State of Qatar.

Mediarede approached this project with the explicit thought of giving the company a cutting edge advantage over there competitors in online prominence.


We went about the project by doing thorough research and discovering what would be the best possible way to represent wathira’s construction as a presentable, modern website. We set up goals, determined targeted audience and most importantly figured out how to convey there message across to their potential prospects. Our team’s intuitive approach allowed for ample testing, and adjusting as needed throughout the design during the initial phase.


If you have a construction requirement in Qatar, take a look at Wathira :- Link


Wathira has something to convey and we provided them with the means to do so in their website. The homepage gives an introduction about Wathira al bina, all the while giving the user a minimized contextual and visual description about them, their services, goals and how they stand apart from the rest. We hope the present site helps clients understand and utilize wathira’s services more effectively as per there need and requirement.