Wedding Invitation RAHUL & RUCHI

A wedding is one the most important day in any persons life, the same was the case for Rahul and Ruchi. They approached us with the desire to built a wedding invitation for there friends and family. They had a story in mind that they needed portrayed in their wedding invitation. We communicated with the client and got a story line which we decided would be the most apt way of representing the important events in their life that led up to the marriage.

​​​​​​Our Approach.

The one page site was entirely build from scratch with the story line that was approved by the clients, we went about by creating vector representation of the couple which would be center piece that would move along from one event to another. We incorporated the scenic background of San Francisco where they hail from, added elements to make the visualization more realistic and aesthetically pleasing.

The journey is depicted in four main story line points using parallax and vector graphics, since the main element is tandem bike we went with horizontal scrolling which adds a sense of authenticity to the page, the idea of tandem bike was pitched during the story line discussion with the client which they approved. The whole invitation is a simple ride from the moment they met to the invitation to their wedding beautifully. The incorporation of various elements in parallax adds a flavor to the invitation which brings about a uniqueness that attracts each and everyone who visits the page to go through the invitation. The entire online invitation is build on minimalistic design, while maintaining the responsiveness across multiple platforms.

The colour motif followed is focused to bring out the invitation vibe thus the incorporation of a scenery, gives the layout its sleek uniqueness which really makes the invitation attractive to all . The overall invitation does aptly suit the clients need which is depicted through a beautiful storyline ending with an actual invitation and the option to RSVP.​

To get a more detailed idea of the site, kindly follow the link and experience a part of their special occasion :- Link